How Do You Fix a Dripping Tap

Dripping Tap Portsmouth

How Do You Fix a Dripping Tap?

Every household experiences a leaking tap at some point. It is one of annoying things that you know you should sort out but often gets left for months before the dripping starts to turn you insane.

A lot of people would call a plumber, and our plumbing service in Portsmouth certainly fixes our fair share of dripping taps, but it can be quite straight forward to sort out yourself….

…..if you have the time.

This is a step by step guide to sorting out that irritating problem of a dripping tap.

  1. The first thing to do, and this is true for most plumbing work, is to switch off the water supply. We can’t stress enough how important it is to isolate the water coming through to the taps. The easiest way to do this is to turn off the “stop-cock”. This is usually found underneath the kitchen sink.
  2. If you have a modern type of sink unit and are working in the upstairs bathroom, instead of having to go downstairs to turn off the water look underneath your sink. You may may see a unit coming out of the wall with what looks like a screw. This is your isolation switch, simply turning that 45 degrees will also cut off the water.
  3. A couple of tips before we start to dismantle the taps. Although you should now have isolated the water supply from the taps it doesn’t hurt to have a bucket at hand in case of water escaping somewhere within the plumbing. Next, put the plug into the sink. This can help save any bits falling off the tap and disappearing down the plug hole.
  4. On the top of the tap, there should be a cap that can be prized off with a screw driver, or it may need to be unscrewed itself. Then you will be able to see into the tap piece and the screw which attaches the tap head. Unscrew this using a screw driver, it may well be very stiff but put your back into it and it should start to unscrew!
  5. Pull the head off and you will now be able to unscrew the main body of the tap by hand which will expose the screw head and washers etc.
  6. You now need a wrench and an adjustable spanner. Put a cloth over the spout of the tap to protect it and clamp it with the wrench. Using the spanner turn the screw head anti clockwise and undo the whole unit and pull it out of the tap.
  7. Turn the unit upside down and you will see the culprit causing the leak, the washer! The washer being rubber creates the seal between the two parts of the tap and this simply perishes over time and lets small amounts of water through when the tap is turned off

Thus creating that annoying leak.

  1. These rubber washers can be bought from a hardware store in packs for as little as £1. The washer will be fixed via a small nut which needs to be unscrewed, using the same adjustable spanner this can be easily removed.
  2. Pop in the new washer and put the nut back on and all you have to do now is put it all back together, so just follow the steps in reverse and assemble your tap back together.
  3. Turn the isolator switch or stop cock tap back on and you should now have a fully sealed tap which does not drip any more!

Plumbers Portsmouth can come out and fix leaking taps and although it is more expensive than doing it yourself, it is very affordable. Sometimes the drip can be caused by a fault somewhere else in the system so a plumbing company like ours needs to be called in.

If you are very busy and don’t fancy doing it yourself call in our plumber on 02393 960126

But following these simple steps means you can do it yourself !

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