What To Expect From a Boiler Service

Boiler services are a vital part of keeping your heating system well maintained and long lasting. Boiler repairs can be reduced and your boiler lifespan increased if you follow the recommended guideline of having a boiler service once a year.

Most brands of boilers require you to have an annual service just to maintain the warranty. So although it doesn’t seem necessary when your heating is working just fine, like a car, these machines need some TLC to keep them operating efficiently. The plumber or heating engineer who comes to service the boiler will then be able to sign the log book to confirm the service has been done and then you are unlikely to have any problems with the warranty if the boiler breaks down.

picture of a boiler repair and servicing

However, if you get the annual service then your boiler is certainly less likely to break down during the warranty period and you will never be left in the cold during the middle of the winter!

Boiler servicing is often a much debated topic, the different elements of what is necessary for a good quality service differs from each service provider. There is an old adage that if the basic tests are done and everything is working as it should. Then don’t try to fix something that is not broken.

However if you are paying for a service then really the parts of the boiler like the combustion chamber should be opened up and checked. What should or shouldn’t be done will be assessed by each boiler engineer and you should seek an explanation from them as they are carrying out the service.

Below is an outline of the bare minimum you would expect from a basic service and these steps are what is required for the warranty and gas regulation guidelines. If you are paying over £100 for a service like some providers will, then you would expect a much more thorough examination.

  1. The engineer will inspect the boiler using the instruction manual to familiarise themselves with the workings of that particular brand and model. They will then make sure that the boiler was installed correctly and everything is where it should be.
  2.  They will then check that all the controls function properly and that the boiler ignites as it is supposed to.
  3. The next step is to do a boiler flue analyser test to see that the boiler is burning correctly. A simple device is used to show the correct levels in the outflow.
  4. Then the front panel of the boiler will be removed so that the engineer can do a visual inspection of the electric of the boiler and to make sure that everything is connected and there are no weeping joints.
  5. On some boilers the fan pressure needs to be tested. The gas in that pressure will be checked to see whether the boiler can be run safely.
  6. The condensate trap should be removed, emptied and made sure that there are no blockages from dirt and gunk. If it is dirty then it can simply be cleaned and put back into the boiler.

And there you have the simple process required for a basic boiler service. As you can see this can be done quickly and here at Plumbers Portsmouth we offer a very affordable basic boiler service. Our Boiler service in Portsmouth is efficient and will identify if anything else needs to be done in order to keep your home and water running without any unpleasant breakages.

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