Review of the 5 Best Boilers on the UK Market

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Best Boilers in The UK   

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“Which boiler should I go for?” This is a question that many clients ask me quite often. Some will be planning to install it in a new building; others want to replace an aging one, while some wish to add an extra one. While many always expect a straight answer, it’s not possible to do so. Firstly, their water usage will be different. Secondly, the number of users varies. Thirdly, the design of the home (single or double story, bungalow or apartment) will influence the selection. Fourthly, each individual’s preference is unique. Installing a boiler is not a walk in the park and many things need to be considered.

Common Types of Boilers

Generally, the UK market offers the following types of boilers:

– Combination: Also known as combi boiler, this is a sealed appliance that heats the water contained inside the compartment. It’s loved because it’s easy to install, cheaper, cost effective, energy efficient, and saves time. Unfortunately, it’s not a very good option for many bathrooms.

– System Boiler: It’s almost similar to the combi boiler only that it comes with a cylinder for storing the hot water. People choose it because there is no need to install an extra tank on the loft and it’s economical. However, it’s not suitable for more than 2 bathrooms.

– Regular/Conventional Boiler: It’s also known as a vent boiler and consists of a cold water storage placed on the loft and works together with the central heating system. It’s a good choice for homes with several bathrooms and can easily be fitted in most homes without modification. The only issue is that it isn’t as economical as system and combi boilers and takes up more apace.

Top 5 Boilers in 2017

5. Vaillant ecoTEC Pro

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient combi boiler, then the Valliant ecoTEC Pro is a good option. It’s suitable for small and medium size homes and features a two-stage frost control for improved performance. Rated at 28kilowatts, the boiler is fit for one or two bathrooms and comes with a high-efficiency stainless steel heat exchanger. Reasons to buy this item include high efficiency, quiet operation, easy to install and cost effective. Unfortunately, it’s not suitable for many bathrooms and it’s not the cheapest in its range.


Rated at 12.3 kW, the GLOW-WORM Energy 12S is a suitable boiler for most applications. The system boiler is well-engineered and highly reliable for day to day use in 2 or more bathrooms. It comes with a decent 0.3 barometric pressure that ensures smooth flow of water even in long distances. The appliance measures 70cm high, 39 cm wide and 28cm deep and doesn’t take-up too much space. Also included is a high-efficiency aluminum heat exchanger and top and rear flue. Although it comes with 5 years warranty, this isn’t the longest in the market. Also, the capacity is a bit limited for many users.

3. Baxi EcoBlue Combi Boiler

The Baxi EcoBlue combination boiler is renowned for its high efficiency, easy installation, reliability, and silent operation. Like most combination boilers, it’s best used in up to 2 bathrooms, or in small to medium-size homes. This unit features a reliable system that ensures smooth flow of water and its small size makes it ideal for small spaces. And backed by 7 years warranty, you are assured of durability, minimal repairs, and reliability. The only issues are that it isn’t suitable for large homes, and also not designed for many bathrooms.


The Ideal Logic plus 30 is probably what you are looking for. It’s effective for the standard home and can easily be hooked up to central heating or sealed systems. It is power rated at 30kW although it can go as low as 4.8kw to conserve energy. The unit measures 700mm high, 395mm wide, 278mm deep and occupies minimal space. Its key advantages include high efficiency, user-friendly digital display, and long warranty of 7 years. Its downside is that installation isn’t as easy as other options and is a bit light.

1. Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24i

The Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24i is a combination boiler designed for small to medium size homes. It comes with a 24kW heat output and is effective for up to 2 bathrooms. The heating appliance is relatively large and includes a user-friendly control interface for easy viewing and operations. And to reduce the energy consumption, this accessory comes with a built-in high efficiency pump. It’s liked because of its easy installation, simple design, and versatility. However, some users claim it’s a bit costly compared to other types and it isn’t ideal for large homes.

Final Word

Mentioned above are the top 5 best boilers in 2017. They are very popular in the market and can be found in many homes and other places. A closer observation shows that they share many similarities. For instance, they are easy to install, work with most systems, are energy efficient, and heat the water quietly. They are also long-lasting, affordable, and are backed by many positive reviews.

We know that you may not be sure which type is the best for your home. Or may be you would like some more clarification or advice in order to make a well-informed decision. Well, all you need is simply contact us and we will be more than happy to help you. In fact, Plumbers Portsmouth is a leader when it comes to electrical installations and Boiler Repair in Portsmouth. We pride on many years of hands-on experience, have installed lots of boilers, and also undertake related services. Don’t hesitate or risk making the wrong decision or poor installation. Give us a call or visit our website.