How To Install A Bath

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If you don’t want to spend the money hiring our fantastic plumbing service in Portsmouth and you fancy installing your own bath. Then follow these simple steps and watch the video!

  1. We are working on a plain old bought in bath tub with no existing brackets or way of mounting the bath on the floor or elsewhere. First of all you have to mount the brackets and feet onto the base of the bath, so turn the bath over to work on. There needs to be 3 brackets, one on each end and another in the middle. Screw the brackets on and then screw on the feet with the bolts provided.
  2. Connect the plug area and waste pipe. Push it through from the top side of the bath into the hole and using the rubber washers, overflow receiver and locking nut fix it all together as you see on the video. Then it needs gluing together with some sealant to make sure it is completely watertight. As you tighten it all up, check from the top side of the bath that the drain piece is in the right place and central.
  3. Connect the overflow pipe to the overflow receiver.
  4. You are now ready to move the bath and begin the main plumbing. However the main task once putting the bath in place is to get it level. This means using a spirit level running along the width and length of the bath and adjusting the feet accordingly, these just screw in and out to get the correct height making sure your bath is completely level. All the feet should be taking an equal amount of weight. Once the front,side and back of the bath is level and you have adjusted the feet correctly you can then go round and tighten all the locking nuts and get it really tight.
  5. Using your clamps fix the underside against the wall so that the bath is locked into place using screws. The feet can also be screwed into the floor making everything nice and secure. Using some sealant glue, squirt around the edge of the bath in between the wall and push the bath into the wall to seal the glue.
  6. Now connect your pipes underneath and screw in your taps. Connect your taps using flexible pipe to make the job much more simple.

So here are the main tips. Remember this is not a five minute job and there may well be complications, particularly if you have uneven floor and old solid piping to try to connect to the new bath. Our top tip is make sure the bath is level, and make sure that all plumbing is watertight. Remember once the bath is tiled and the room finished you are not going back under your bath to check the pipes for many years, all being well.

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